Campsite Information

Campsite bookings for Multi-day Self-Guided Tours need to be made with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), which is separate from Kanu Kapers Australia bookings.

The area in which you will be camping in is called the ‘Cooloola Recreation Area’.For more information:   DERM website

Kanu Kapers Will book your campsite unless you contact us and request to book you own campsite!

- Please contact the Kanu Kapers Australia Office on (07) 5485 3328 if you would like to book you own site or request a specific campsite.

Suggested Campsites:

Harry's Hut (2hrs 20mins): a multi-site camping area accessible by road and Kayak with facilities.
Once booked these camps sites are your exclusive site for the duration of your booking.
Campsites 1 & 2 (3hrs): on Eastern shore of the upper Noosa River, small area, once booked no one else can book campsite, private jetty. Facilities incl. toilets and access to bushwalking trails.
Campsite 3 (3hr 45min): Larger group area. Facilities incl. picnic tables, toilets, private jetty and access to the Cooloola Sandpatch and bushwalking trails.

Campsite 4 to 15: small intimate secluded campsites only accessible by canoe or kayak, no facilities.

To book your campsite yourself - DERM website

Book your campsite after you have made your Self Guided Kayak Tour booking with Kanu Kapers Australia to ensure Tour availability.

When completing the online booking form on the DERM website, the area which you will be camping in is called the ‘Cooloola Recreation Area’. 

A map of the upper Noosa River and camp sites can be found on the DERM website within the Cooloola Recreation Area map.