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A Fun Way to Explore Personal Preferences and Get to Know Your Team Mates

    Our experience has shown us over the years that combining a short class room session on personality profiling with a team building challenge really enhances team: communication, cohesion, cooperation, reduces conflict and increases emotional intelligence. Clients also report that they find the benefits of these programs long lasting.

Recently we began developing a new team building product ‘The Kitchen Carnivale Cook Off’.  This is like Master Chef with a twist. There are 7 Cooks from 7 different countries from around the world. Each cook leads a team towards culinary success and a delicious global feast for everyone to enjoy on completion.

 A team building event has a formula and the facilitator’s skill in combining the class room session with the team building challenge.  Our goal is to come out at the end with inspired participants who are excited about integrating their new skills into the workplace and their personal life.


Give your team a boost and contact us today for a fun inspired event that will move them to another level of team work !


August 2014

How ATTITUDE can affect your Team Culture and How to Change it!

We have all heard the term ‘change your attitude’ but what does it mean? An attitude is merely our evaluation, positive or negative of a person, object, idea, place or event. It is formed by our beliefs, values and experiences and drives our behaviour. In other words if I have a negative attitude about something or someone I may tend to behave negatively towards them. On the contrary, if I hold positive beliefs about a person or thing I will act positively. In turn this will impact, particularly on the person. Sometimes we just wake up in a bad mood or with a negative attitude and may not even know why. Brain research has proven this can just be a pattern of thinking which we can change with a tweak of our mood. 


Here are some tips on how to have a positive attitude each and every day. This is very important because your mood and attitude are infectious. 

1. Decide to have a positive attitude! Ask yourself ‘what can really be so bad?’ Remember a positive attitude – that is joy, optimism and enthusiasm makes everything in business and in life easier. A positive attitude will supercharge you and those around you.

2. Smile! Whenever you can remember to keep that beautiful smile on your face. ‘Smile and the whole world smiles with you!’

3. Remember YOU control your attitude! Attitude is not a result of what happens to you – it is from the meaning you give to what happens – look for the positive meaning! Your beliefs and rules about work and life determine how you interpret events and your attitude. Decide today to adopt positive beliefs that create a positive attitude such as notice the good things people do in your team and have a positive attitude about them.

4. Help your team develop a strong culture by being positive, praising them, giving them purpose in their work. Conduct a culture improvement program developing values and positive future direction.


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September 2013

How to use Conflict as a Valuable Business Opportunity?

My research over twenty five years of consulting with workplace teams has proven conflict is to be expected when a group of two or more people work together. It is not the conflict which is the problem but how we manage the conflict which can cause dysfunction.

Three conflict Tips:           

1. Accept conflict is normal and embrace the opportunity – This is because we are all different and have different views!

2. Be aware of the sources of conflict in your workplace – successful leaders anticipate when a conflict is likely to happen. They understand the possible causes and times they are more likely to occur. This can be times when the workload increases and your team is under additional pressure? How can you support your teams during stressful times? It is tempting to stop having team meetings during busy periods, BUT this can be a mistake as meetings provide opportunities for team members to air issues and for you to offer support or brainstorm solutions.

3. Make sure every team member understands and is clear of their role and the link this has to the overall purpose of your business. We are purpose driven and have a need to feel worthwhile. 

Years ago when I was a youth worker with young offenders I worked with a young man who broke into 6-10 houses each week. After five years with our accommodation and education support service that young man has gone on to run a successful locksmith business. He got connected with his purpose and learned how to do it constructively and honestly.

Then more recently I consulted to a hospital work team who thought their jobs were tedious and unimportant - when they realised they were part of the chain of preserving life they became more functional because they were connected to the/their purpose. 


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April 2013