Kanu Kapers Australia Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Kanu Kapers Australia

General Terms and Conditions – Guided & Self Guided Tours

Payment Policy

Full Payment is required when you book your tour. Child is 16 years and under.

Tour Departures

All Tours depart from the Elanda Point Canoe Launch Area at 8.30am. If you arrive later than 8.45 the tour may leave without you and no refunds will apply. 

Self Guided Tours

Arrival time for multi day tours is 8.15; day tours 8.30 – at the Elanda Point Canoe Launch Area. Tours depart from the Elanda Point Canoe Launch Area at 8.30am. Late Arrivals – If you arrive late the tour may leave without you or you may be charged a late fee of $30/30minutes to proceed – no refunds will apply.

Cancellation of Noosa Everglades Kayak Tours

Cancellation by Client

Clients may cancel and reschedule a tour if their circumstances change, however no refund will be granted. If you need to reschedule your tour you must provide a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please note any change in booking circumstances-a $50 admin fee may apply per booking. If you choose to cancel your tour due to weather conditions, the above cancellation policy will apply.

If you reschedule your overnight tour at any time – the camping permit will need to be re-booked. An admin fee of $50/booking may apply. Also a fee of $15/person for a 2 day and $25/person for a 3 day may apply if rescheduling time is too short.

Cancellation by Kanu Kapers Australia

Kanu Kapers Australia reserves the right to cancel, amend itineraries or alter any tour dates and/or tour times.  In these cases, you will be informed as soon as possible. If cancelled, every effort will be made to reschedule your tour at the earliest possible time.

Unless weather conditions represent a threat to safety and well being, we will endeavor to proceed with the tour as booked. Kanu Kapers Australia reserves the right to suspend operations indefinitely due to events beyond our control. In this case activities will be resumed as soon as conditions safely allow. 

In the event of strong winds, ‘Natural Disaster’ (e.g. flood, fire, cyclone etc) or pandemic and your tour is unable to proceed indefinitely, a full credit will be allocated to your booking. Refunds are not offered. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance to cover these situations.

Please note that anyone considered by Kanu Kapers Australia staff to be intoxicated or adversely affected by drugs, will not be permitted to participate on any tours. No refunds will be made under these conditions.

Credit Card details are retained as security for kayaks and equipment. If damage or loss of equipment occur the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from the credit card.

Self guided clients please be aware of the following additional terms and conditions for self guided tours: We agree to take full care and responsibility for the kayaks and equipment belonging to Kanu Kapers Australia:
Items Price Schedule


To wear the PFD (life jackets) provided at all times whilst kayaking.  At no time will we SMOKE while wearing my PFD or use it to SIT on.  At all times when we are not wearing our PFDs we will stow them securely, so it will not be lost.


Kayak, Rudder, Hatch Covers

On the KAYAKS We are aware of the hatch covers and rudder system and will make sure at all times that they are safe and secure.  We will ensure the rudder ispulled up in shallow water and when the kayaks are parked and tied up.

At all times when the kayaks are parked and left, that they will be tied up securely with the bow rope provided.

At no time will I smoke or consume alcohol while paddling or sitting in the kayak.

Up to $1000

Paddles & Spray Decks

We are will stow our Kanu Kapers paddle & spray deck securely and safely when not in use, out of the way so it cannot be trodden on or fallen on lost or damaged in anyway.


Esky, Dry Bags & Tents

With the DRY BAGS & TENTS, we are aware, that the plastic clips at the top of the bag are delicate (so will take due care), and will prevent the little native animals chewing holes in the dry bags or tents by placing all food and food scraps in the esky or kayak and putting the dry bags it in our tent overnight.

We are aware of the esky and esky hatch and how to secure the esky in the kayak and at no time will I use the esky as a seat or sit on the esky in anyway.


Rescue, Equipment Retrieval and Late Returns (after 3.00pm) – If whilst hiring kayaks and equipment from Kanu Kapers Australia I/we or equipment needs to be retrieved or rescued or I/we return late – that there will be a fee for the rescue, retrieval or late return.

Up to $350

$30/30 minutes

We are aware of the pristine environment and will carry out all rubbish and take the utmost care to leave only footprints behind me.

We have hired kayak and equipment from Kanu Kapers Australia; we are competent in the use of this and in using such equipment am totally responsible for our own wellbeing and safety.
Photographic/Video reproductions – I acknowledge and agree that photographic and/or video reproductions of I/us engaged in the activities of the operator plus my name and comments I make regarding the activities may be used by the operator in its promotional material and/or through Social Media websites, and I will raise no objection there to nor require remuneration or reward therefore.

If we damage, lose equipment, are late returning or require a rescue – I/we agree to pay Kanu Kapers Australia as per the price schedule.