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Kanu Korporate

Sunshine Coast based training company KanuKorporate is one of Australia’s leading specialists in corporate team building and team development.

We are renowned for our inspirational trainers and facilitators, first class client care and meticulous planning and learning processes that inspire participants to integrate their new skills back in the workplace and personal life.

Our unique, creative and flexible approach to team building and program design has assisted thousands of work teams and business’s build their teams and strengthen their people.

If you are looking to develop your team’s skills, drive performance and leadership, have some fun or all of the above get in touch as we have a team building program or retreat to suit your needs.

Team building programs on the Sunshine Coast

Team Building Events and Conference Activities

KanuKorporate specialises in outdoor, fun, interactive team building and experiential learning programs. These can be based in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland or at a location of your choice. Our programs are designed to promote team spirit and a winning, participative culture.

Our team building programs are world class and custom designed to meet specific client needs. Whether you’re a large company or a small business, KanuKorporate will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your business needs and align your team building program with your strategic direction and vision. Our clients report real and tangible results back in the workplace, including significant improvements in:

  • Staff attitudes
  • Team productivity and profits
  • Workplace behaviour
  • Employee retention and satisfaction
  • Employee and leader relationships

Our team programs are conducted indoors and outdoors as much as possible. It’s been proven that a combination of team building and training experiences in the outdoors improve self-confidence and encourage a sense of relaxation. Feedback tells us that team development experiences in natural environments are highly satisfying and clients place great value on the benefits they derive from their time spent in the great outdoors.

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Corporate team building activities on the Sunshine Coast

Team Building and Team Development

KanuKorporate’s team development and training programs focus on nurturing individual and team strengths. We encourage self-awareness, trust and the ability to understand and interact with others – whilst still appreciating individual differences.

Our programs are designed to achieve:

  • improved team interactions and communication
  • increased self-awareness and impact of behaviour on others
  • improved Customer service and competition in the marketplace

Ours is a truly tailored approach. You can be confident that your employees will be rewarded with new insights and opportunities for themselves as well as your organisation. At KanuKorporate we provide intense experiences that take people to a level of team work that cannot be achieved by simply working together.

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Corporate team building exercises in Noosa

Leadership and Management Training

KanuKorporate has a long standing track record in the delivery of successful customised learning solutions that have achieved real and measurable value for a large volume of clients. We can deliver programs in any location whether it’s within Australia or overseas.

Our team will devise and implement a leadership training program tailored specifically to the needs, goals and objectives of your business. Hundreds of organisations and business’ such as Fisher and Paykel, University of the Sunshine Coast, Virgin Australia, Hungry Jacks, ANZ Bank, community organisations and government departments have benefitted from a tailor designed leadership training program.

We can facilitate leadership training programs anywhere in the country, whether its here on the Sunshine Coast or on-site at a location of your choice.

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