Schools Programs


If you’re looking for an educational or school camp program with a difference, you may like to book your next program here with Kanu Kapers. Situated in the heart of the spectacular Noosa Everglades Kanu Kapers have been delivering innovative educational programs for primary and secondary schools, universities and international Students in South East Queensland since 2002.

Our programs are designed to grow your students, develop their initiative and potential, experience a cooperative team spirit and increase self confidence. Programs are tailored to your needs to ensure that you get the very best experience and outcomes.

Educational programs may include students studying economics and sustainability, natural ecosystems, fauna, flora, geology,  leadership, canoe or kayak skill mastery or assessment just to name a few

School Camps are tailor designed with your program outcomes and goals in mind. Activities can include: kayaking, canoeing, wilderness camping, cycling, hiking, ropes courses and team initiatives.

2 – 5 Day School Camp Program

Kanu Kapers specialises in innovative outdoor, fun, interactive school camps and experiential learning programs.


2 to 5 Day – Noosa, Boreen Point, Cooloola National Park and Upper Noosa River

May include activities like:

  • Kayaking, hiking and wilderness camping
  • Bush class room sessions selected from the topics below
  • Cycling, ropes courses, abseiling, rock climbing, team initiatives or any other activity you may have in mind

Your Goals and Outcomes may include the following topics (see below):

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence training
  • Team work and communication
  • Self Empowerment and skill mastery



Leadership is an essential skill in life. At the end of a Kanu Kapers Australia Leadership experience students will have developed more confidence in themselves as leaders. Through workshop sessions and leadership opportunities students will further develop their natural abilities and those extra skills that are essential to be an inspiring community leader. Our programs nurture existing strengths and encourage new skill acquisition through experiential learning opportunities and workshop discussion. Goals will be set and action plans developed to ensure students continue to practice and further develop their skills back at school and home.

Emotional Intelligence

As we are personal development and emotional intelligence experts development of these skills is an integral part of our Leadership Programs. Students will increase awareness of their own emotions and behaviours and the impact of these on others. This will improve participant’s self belief, self confidence and result in a more positive and realistic self image.

Team Work

Students will work in teams to complete a range of tasks and problem solving activities. They will further develop their skills in negotiation, problem solving and other skills that contribute to productive team relationships. Students will be encouraged to identify opportunities to practice and continue to develop their team skills after the camp.


Communication skills are essential for success and fulfilment. Students will learn active listening, conflict resolution and giving and receiving feedback skills, and have numerous opportunities to apply them. They will also learn how and why to be empathic in their interactions with others. These skills will allow them to have ongoing relationships that are harmonious and productive.

Trust Building

Students will learn why trust is important and how to develop trust in relations with others.

Personal Empowerment

In today’s world young people can be overwhelmed, and although they genuinely want to help others, the environment or wildlife for example, they are not sure how to do this. Our programs will give your students insight into their ‘sphere of influence’ and support them to become empowered to offer service and contribution to their community. This will result in a greater sense of responsibility to others and the environment, a connection to broader society and a more self motivating attitude.

Skill Mastery

Our programs are designed in such a way that students can master skills rather than having a taste of a smorgasbord of activities. Students will be empowered to pursue their interests and gain mastery in activities