Ecotourism is our Passion!


Our Respectful Promise

We acknowledge the Kabi Kabi Traditional Custodians who have provided us with cultural knowledge and collective memories of the Noosa River and lakes region. According to Kabi Law, our responsibility is to maintain the ecosystem and its’ abundant flora and fauna.

As we travel through this precious water wilderness, our promise is to protect it and ensure it survives as a healthy biosphere, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the Noosa Everglades’ magic too.

Climate Change

We are passionate about environmental sustainability and eco-tourism and aim to minimise our impact on climate change. We are working towards becoming carbon neutral and are almost there.  As we do not operate any motorised boats, we are able to share this absolutely pristine wetland without polluting it with carbon from fossil fuels.  



‘Truly’ Sustainable Action

  • We are respectful of the cultural importance to Aboriginal People
  • We do not use noisy, polluting motors that disturb the delicate ecosystem
  • We educate guests to ‘leave no trace’
  • Carbon offset scheme for clients which raises money for koala habitat
  • Plastic Free Noosa Champions – we’ve eliminated single-use plastics
  • We have a Refuse-Reuse-Recycle policy to reduce waste
  • We ask guests to sort their waste into labeled containers
  • We Red Cycle soft plastics
  • We are family owned and operated
  • We are professional guides who care for the environment
  • We purchase local food & employ local staff whenever possible
  • We use carbon-neutral electricity
  • We use locally handcrafted sea kayaks
  • We compost our food scraps – and grow vegetables from the compost!
  • We have a policy to mend rather than throw out
  • We partner with environmentally conscious businesses
  • We use natural, plant-based cleaning products
  • We recycle stationery & ink cartridges
Noosa Everglades Wilderness