Team Development Programs

Team Building and Team Development Programs

Organisations that invest time and resources into team building and developing their people will naturally create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Your teams were originally formed to achieve results. Business experts tell us that successful teams are developed teams. Our passion is to deliver team development programs that ensure their success and improve your team results.

Developing Teams

Team building and team development is essential in any environment. It helps people to understand differences and ensures personal development, positive workplace communication, leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively to problem solve and achieve goals.

In essence, team building increases motivation, builds morale, strengthens commitment and improves work results.

Customised Team Building Workshops

We will identify your company and team needs before designing a tailor-made team development workshop or retreat for you and your colleagues which we will facilitate with the flair and dynamism we are renowned for. Workshops can be 45 minute conference presentations or one, two or three days day retreat programs.

Held at your location of choice or ours – Noosa – Sunshine Coast. Our tailored Team Building Training workshops has been used by hundreds of clients including Virgin Australia, Hungry Jacks, ANZ Bank, small community organisations and government departments.

Workshop Topics Can Include:

  • Team Profiles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Personal Principles
  • Self Awareness
  • PAC – Understanding yourself using Transactional Analysis
  • Communication Skills
  • Human Needs
  • Empowering Questions
  • Self Reflection
  • Self Responsibility
  • Developing Teams
  • Circle of Influence
  • The Power of Praise and Encouragement
  • Recognising and Utilising Peoples Strengths
  • Celebrating Success
  • Opportunity
  • Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Managing Change
  • Conflict Resolution or Conflict Management
  • How to Create a Happy and Fun Workplace

Customised Team Building Retreats – Two or Three Days

Create a productive and intelligent high performance team with a two or three day retreat program that can include workshops and outdoor activities. Our passion lies in designing programs that give you measurable results directly back into the workplace. Some of our clients measure their outcomes or leave it to us and we will design a reliable tool to measure the results of your custom designed training program. Our clients have reported significant improvements in team productivity, profit, staff attitudes, workplace behaviour and employee and leader relationships.