The bird song when kayaking along in the Everglades is intense and magical. I was very blessed recently to have the company of Nicholas Bishop and his partner Ash on one of our Full Day Noosa Everglades Guided Tours. Nic describes himself as a Professional Bird nerd but is actually an Animal Behaviourist with Zoos South Australia and has worked with training birds in captivity all over the world. On completion of their tour Nic sent me a list of the birds he had spotted during the day – an impressive 36 different birds making up 18 different species.

I always say that a kayak tour into the Noosa Everglades is a sensory delight. A chance to go at a slower pace and experience not just the sights – but the sounds, the textures, the smells and ‘O’ the serenity of this unique place that is very accessible yet so free, wild and in a natural state. Below is Nic’s list – ENJOY

Non-Passerine Birds

Passerine Birds

Kayaking is a great way to experience bird life – being so quiet you have the opportunity to get up close. Birds are attracted to water ways: they come down to drink, the insect eaters spiral around displaying great acrobat talent while hunting their food, the nectar eaters comb the trees on the banks that are in flower and the kingfishers are a flash of brilliance as they dart and dive in front of you.