Poona Lake, nestled in the stunning Noosa Everglades and sacred to the Kabi Kabi first nation people, has been earmarked for development. We are fighting to save Poona Lake, Cooloola in the Noosa Everglades. If you have enjoyed the Noosa Everglades, you will appreciate what is at stake here. Please help us stop this happening.

Poona Lake is protected under Kabi Kabi law, yet the Queensland government has given the go ahead to private development which risks significant harm to this culturally, ecologically and geologically sensitive site.

Noosa Everglades WildernessThe Noosa Everglades is a pristine area of staggering beauty which extends over 60km through the Great Sandy National Park, the gateway to Fraser Island. It boasts more than 44% of Australia’s bird species, over a thousand plant species and some of the purest water to be found anywhere.

The region attracts an incredible diversity of flora and fauna and is extremely precious. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So, we must fight to protect it for the sake of nature and for future generation to enjoy.



The proposed development is for tourism and will involve the clearing of land and destruction of sacred trees. The Original Sovereign Native Tribes of the Kabi First Nation State Kabi Bunya Djha DO NOT CONSENT to this proposal.


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You could copy my letter below…



Please take formal notice of this email and its attachments as my formal statement of objection to the development plan proposed by your Government along the Cooloola Great Walk within the Great Sandy National Park.

The Noosa River and Lake Poona sites are unacceptable as this development will cause irreparable damage to precious and unique ecology which has international significance. QNPWS do not have the resources to manage existing infrastructure which has degraded due to neglect. We cannot afford to have this happen in this pristine environment. There has been limited genuine consultation with regards to this proposal. Your Government has a responsibility to protect wild areas such as this for future generations and to reduce climate impact and fire risk.

 The Noosa River site is totally unacceptable for development of any kind:

  • Reports by ecology and wetland expert state this site is at high risk of incurring significant impacts. This expert advice is ignored to provide ‘scenic value’
  • The 500metre long site service road needlessly disturbs and degrades habitat and destroys the amenity of an existing popular walking track.
  • Client transfer via the river will require additional jetty construction along the pristine riverbank. The current facilities cannot provide reliable access. This impact is neither acknowledged nor factored.

The Poona Lake site is totally unacceptable for development of any kind:

  • The loss of large trees across the proposed site would be catastrophic.
  • The Govt’s failure to be realistic and open about this loss is a disgrace.
  • The site access road would be a vector for weeds, pathogens and erosion into the pristine Lake catchment, and would require further habitat destruction.
  • Fire hazard and the impacts of fire risk and liability management are significant matters that Govt. is being either unrealistic or dishonest about.
  • The overall impact upon the ecology, stability and aesthetic of this unique and fragile lake catchment is unacceptable.

People are able to access this pristine area by foot, kayak, canoe or boat currently. There are camping sites available and there is clamping on the fringes of the Noosa Everglades at Habitat Camp Ground. Legitimate Traditional owners of the Kabi Tribe have not had input and Lake Poona is a precious traditional site.

It is urgent your Government undertake a review and cease this current ‘corrupt’ development plan immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Vivienne Golding


On behalf of the Noosa Everglades wilderness, thank you for any help you can offer.


Vivienne Golding (Owner and Lead Tour Guide, Kanu Kapers Australia)