The ornithological paradise that is the Noosa River is a draw card for bird observers who travel from near and far to immerse themselves in the abundant wildlife that thrives here.
With its headwaters protected by the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park, the Noosa River is a pristine environment for the local wildlife which can be found living within the extensive vegetation. Mangrove mudflats, wetlands, wallum scrub, sand dunes and coastal rainforests are just some of the habitats that you can find yourself experiencing in this very unique and special place.

Take a Kanu Kapers Australia Kayak Tour into the Noosa Everglades (Upper Noosa River) and lead your own, personalised bird watching expedition through this beautiful wilderness, home to some of Australia’s most iconic birdlife.

Bird watching in one of our streamlined, expedition sea kayaks allows you to experience the birds at an intimate level. Glide past a Pelican as it basks lazily in the warm morning sunshine. Relax to the chorus of Magpie song as you enjoy lunch under a shady tree. Experience the unique laugh of the Kookaburra and the call of the Whistling Kite as it glides high above you, searching for its morning meal.

The Noosa Everglades is also home to many migratory birds over the warm summer months with some travelling from as far away as the Arctic, to rest and feed here in this safe waterway. Australia’s largest stalk, the Jabiru, can be seen casually fishing along the shallow edges of Lake Cootharaba in the summer months. Other bird species that annually migrate to the Noosa River include Terns, Cormorants, Beach Curlews, Oystercatchers, Sea Gulls, Drongos, and even a few pairs of Brolgas.

As the rains from the past summer have inundated Queensland from its drought-quenching thirst, there is sure to be a rise in bird numbers throughout the region as food stocks are rejuvenated and our native wildlife come out to enjoy the thriving, healthy ecosystem that they call home.