So, what are truly sustainable kayak tours? Until three years ago, owner/ operators Vivienne Golding and Kym McGregor did not really shout about their sustainable business credentials, they simply considered them to be the natural way to operate. However, writing a (successful!) business award submission in 2018 opened their eyes to the fact that they were doing something exceptional and that some clients were booking their tours because they wanted to visit the Noosa Everglades in an environmentally responsible manner.

So, Kanu Kapers relaunched the company as ‘Truly Sustainable’ Noosa Everglades, created a carbon offset scheme to raise money for koalas and started shouting about their numerous sustainable practices.


koalaCarbon Offset – Raising Funds for Koala Habitat

 In 2019 Kanu Kapers launched a carbon offset scheme to raise money for koala habitat. Clients are asked for donations to offset carbon from their car journey to the kayak launch site. This raises much needed funds for koala habitat in partnership with local charity Queensland Koala Crusaders. To date, they have raised over $2,300. At $10 a tree, that’s a lot of trees!

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truly sustainable expert guides

Spreading Sustainability – On a ‘Truly’ Globally Scale 

Kanu Kapers is family owned and operated and aims to employ guides from the local area, who care for the environment. Client briefings are thorough and there is no denying the truly sustainable environmental message. Tours begin at the stunning lakeside kayak launch sight with the introduction acknowledging the traditional aboriginal owners of the area.

As around 70% of their guests are (normally) from overseas, this is truly global communication!


streamlined kayaksSaying no to motorised watercraft 

Viv and Kym have been firm on their stance not to include motorised boats on their tours, despite knowing it might bring them increased business. Instead, they continue to use sleek, locally handcrafted sea kayaks, which glide through the ancient waterways gently and peacefully without making a sound or polluting the water. Truly sustainable!

Protecting the Wildlife

 Clients are taught about the importance of Queensland’s wildlife, educating them to overcome any preconceptions (and fears!) and understand why it is so worthy of protecting.

sustainable tours

A ‘Truly Sustainable’ Mission

Kanu Kapers’ aim is to provide a unique and awe-inspiring kayak adventure to people of all ages and to preserve the Noosa Everglades wilderness for future generation to enjoy.

This unique area is bursting with rare plant and animal species and is therefore best experienced by kayak as this protects & preserves the delicate ecosystem.

Our ‘Truly’ Sustainable Actions

  • Respectful of the cultural importance to Aboriginal People
  • No noise, only quiet respectful watercraft
  • Educate guests to ‘tread lightly’ and ‘leave no trace’
  • Carbon offset scheme for clients which raises money for koala habitat
  • Plastic Free Noosa Champions – we’ve eliminated single use plastics
  • Refuse-Reuse-Recycle policy to reduce waste
  • We ask guests to sort their waste into labelled containers
  • We Red Cycle soft plastics
  • Family owned and operated
  • Professional guides who deeply care for the environment
  • Purchase local food & employ local staff whenever possible
  • Carbon neutral electricity
  • Locally handcrafted sea kayaks
  • Food scraps composted – and used to grow veg!
  • Policy to mend rather than throw out
  • Partner environmentally conscious businesses
  • Natural, plant-based cleaning products
  • Recycle stationary & ink cartridges

Our Ecotourim Awards

ecotourirm awards

Our Community Campaign

In addition, we have whole heartedly supported local community campaigns to stop the development of the Everglades for higher volume and impact tourism. In 2017 owner Kym McGregor, successfully lead a campaign to stop the downgrading of the Everglades fish habitat. Today we are fighting significant plans to develop the entire area. We do not disagree with change; we just believe in doing in carefully and protecting the very few true wildernesses we have left.

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